Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beauty Bot Has A New Home!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Toronto Trend Spotting: Must-have Leggings!

Hi Beauty Bots,

So at my last event, key make-up artist Madeline caught my eyes with these amazing half lace/half polyester tights! She introduced me to a brand that I was not familiar with - Romeo & Juliet Couture. Absolutely love their clothing line - especially the leggings and loose fitting sequined shir

ts. Products are available at Saks and Nordstrom's.

I am excited to follow this brand and to purchase my first pair of Romeo & Juliet leggings on my next trip to the US!




Beauty Bot Back Stage - The Smirnoff Experience Toronto!

Smirnoff Models & Bar Staff

Team Greta Constantine & Moi!

Model Chrissy & I (not my best picture...I was hot and tired ok!)

Chrissy Before The Wig & Full Make-up
Getting Bronzed Up and Air Brushed!

Back-stage Rush!

Red Carpet

DJ Deadmau5

The ARD Loft

Red Carpet - The ARD LOFT
Hello Beauty Bots!

What does Smirnoff Vodka and make-up have in common you wonder?

Well I thought the same thing when I was chosen to be part of the beauty team for this special event. So yes, this time I was working at a party instead of partying! Smirnoff put on an amazing private event on July 19th, 2010 at the ARD Loft on Adelaide Street. The venue was totally unrecognizable as the amazing design team revamped the loft...for a complete "Graphic" experience. This invite-only party brought in the who's who from Toronto - from designers Greta Constantine and Choreographer/Singer Blake McGrath, to MTV's Tika Simone and renowned DJ Deadmau5. Guests were treated to the complete red carpet treatment!

So back-stage started off as a rush - make-up, air brushes, wigs and hot red dresses everywhere! However, our team of make-up artists managed to get through it all and complete the fabulous looks of all the models and bartenders. Key make-up artist Maddie was challenged with task of developing a 50's style comic book look to match the "Graphic" concept...and she did so successfully! All the models were a treat to work with!

Perfect ending to my night - bumping into my absolute faves, the designers of Greta Constantine!

All around cool experience...kudos to the Smirnoff Team, Daneta from Mosaic Experiential Marketing and all involved for a great event.

Enjoy my back-stage pics!

Note: Some photos provided by Smirnoff Canada.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty Bot Photo Shoot!

Hello Beauty Bots!

It's been a while, I know...things have been hectic lately. I have been "in the lab" so to speak, working on some new initiatives for the blog. I am excited to get them started and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

So I needed some photos taken for my soon to come make-up artistry site. I was very apprehensive to take the photos...I mean - I am not a model! Through a Facebook friend, I was introduced to the amazing Kathy Sawczuk from Hamilton. Her work was amazing and thought she would be perfect for my little adventure. What an adventure it was...Kathy did not disappoint!

I am definitely used to being behind the scenes during photo shoots, but it was a nice change to be the centre of attention!

Thanks to my little sister Micheline who helped out!

I hope you enjoy the pics...some of them are a little "fiery"'ll see!


PS - Click here to check out
Kathy's site! Her work is phenomenal.

Make-up: Keshy
Eyes: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer, MAC Shadow in Honey Lust, MAC Kohl Liner
Cheeks: Cargo Cosmetics Lyon (Rose), MAC Mineralize Satin Finish in Gold Deposit
Lips: Lise Watier in Grenadine

White Fitted Dress - Bebe by Kim Kardashian
Purple T-Shirt Dress - Urban Outfitters
Grey Blazer - Costa Blanca
Black Blazer - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Tan Heels - Steve Madden

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BeautyBot: Singer Marla Guloien's final photos!

I was excited to do make-up for Marla's upcoming promotional material. The shoot was a blast with an amazing team. I had blogged about it before but here are some of the final shots!

Good luck to Marla this year! Make sure to check out her music - her album is phenomenal and so is her story. This Vancouver native is sure to have a successful career.

PS - go visit her site!
Photography: Nathan Zahorchak
Styling: Karen Carew
Hair: Christal Dimakos
Makeup: KeshyK

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Zac Posen For Target - **Sad Face**

Hi BeautyBots!

When I heard about the Zac Posen and Target (aka Tar-Jay) collaboration - I was immediately excited! He is one of my favourite young designers, always impressing me with trendy show-stopping dresses.

I was drawn even more to him once Rihanna really started to support his line - she always looked fabulous. So the line for target launched while I was away in the hot sun and I must say I was disappointed! (I know, I feel so terrible saying it. Sigh.)

The collection consisted of knee length ruffled strapless cocktail dresses, print dresses, pant suit coordinates and knee length shorts. I understand that it was designed for Target, so the pieces had to cater to the masses in order to achieve sales targets but I was expecting a little more flare and fun! Although, I know I sound so disappointed apparently the public didn't. If you go to the Target website, it appears as though most of the pieces are already sold out!

Below are my favourite looks from the Target collection. (

Here's my take: maybe he toned it down a little for Target. I say, let's do it again...let's add more edge, fun and flare!

Zac Posen and H&M collabo?


Source: Rihanna Photos (

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sorry BeautyBots! Be back soon...

Hi BeautyBots!
I apologize for the lack of posts...I am currently taking a mini-vacation on a beautiful island with beautiful people. It is ridiculously hot right now - and I love it. I will have a lot to post on when I am back in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned!